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The AdSignals Mastermind

For Advertisers That Want More SIGNAL Less Noise

"Imagine a low-cost, high value online mastermind, providing you with the freshest ad strategies, insights, tactics and actions to use and profit right now.

Now imagine seeing data from tens of millions in monthly ad impressions based on ads run in Ecommerce, Info Products, Webinar/Call Funnels and Lead Generation across Meta/Facebook and other ad platforms.

Now imagine that advice being distilled in a way that allows you to implement whilst building the business and life you deserve.

That's AdSignals. The most impactful and game-changing launch I've ever made. If you're in and ready to commit then so am I. Let's go crush those ad platform goals together!"

Depesh Mandalia .

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(warning: I'm using some of persuasion tactics below that you'll learn inside AdSignals...)

PER MONTH (instead of $97/m)
  • Founding Member Status
  • 50% Founding Member Discount For Life
  • Monthly Commitment
  • Weekly Mastermind Exclusive 'Signals'
  • Private Mastermind Community
  • Distraction-Free Private Forum
  • Networking & Personal Growth
  • 14-Day No Questions Asked Refund Policy **
PER YEAR (instead of $970/yr)
  • Founding Member Status
  • 50% Founding Member Discount For Life
  • Yearly Commitment
  • PLUS: 2 Months Free Every Year
  • Plus: Weekly Mastermind Exclusive 'Signals'
  • Private Mastermind Community
  • Distraction-Free Private Forum
  • Networking & Personal Growth
  • 14-Day No Questions Asked Refund Policy **
  • In Estimated Wasted Ad Spend
  • And Wasted Time
  • And Missed Opportunities
  • For Advertisers & Biz Owners Worldwide
  • That Try 'Go It Alone'
  • Or Join 'Cheaper' Masterminds

Note: Whilst I'm just joking with you on this, the moral of this is... if you invest $49 (or $490) today I guarantee you'll love AdSignals and you'll save time, save money and more importantly, make way more than you commit today.

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  • ​Private Mastermind Community Without Distractions of Slack or Facebook
  • ​Growth Opportunities For Learning & Networking With Like-Minded Advertisers

Ready to become a raving fan of AdSignals too?

We'd love to share quotes here about how amazing the AdSignals mastermind is but hey, we don't have any yet since no one's joined yet.

If you're looking for proof that this is amazing then sign up today - you simply can't lose - email us within 14 days if it's not right for you and we'll refund with no questions asked. 

We have no doubt this game changing learning experience is going be the future of fast learning and implementation removing the need for many of the time consuming DIY programs out there because AdSignals will always remain up-to-date with what's working right now. 

What's that worth to you?

Not Sure Yet? Here Are Some FAQs

Why did you create AdSignals?

I answered this and more over on this Facebook post - it'll open in a new window so you can come straight back here afterwards.

In short, I believe there's a big problem with advertising right now; platforms and tech are moving too fast for many to keep up with and what's working now is changing too fast to keep learning the new tactics.

Add the high level of noise on the internet and on your mobile device, I wanted to create something of a 'safe haven' that focusses on Signals - key actions, insights and activities I believe you should take note of, that give you high-leverage for low learning investment. 

I call it the 'learn as you go' method of masterminding. Join and see it for yourself!

Who's behind AdSignals?

Well there are about 7 different people involved but it's spear-headed by Depesh Mandalia (me, because I wrote this).

I've been advertising since the early 'naugties' (00's) nearly 2 decades ago across Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, TV, Print, SMS, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and more. It's my passion. 

And my newer passion has been passing that knowledge on to others so nowadays, I help clients with their ads and also run my own ads, keeping my brain deeply involved in all things ads whilst passing that knowledge on as I do, via AdSignals.

What exactly do I get?

My eternal gratitude for joining this life-changing mastermind.

Beyond that, you get access to our new member's only platform hosted 'Circle'.

Inside Circle are two main areas: one is for me to publish the 'signals' for you to read, learn and implement from.

The second is your private mastermind community, like a message board, when you can ask and answer questions, network and grow with your peers.

What is a 'Signal'?

This one's harder to define - but that's what the 14-day money back no questions asked guarantee is partly for.

Because I don't think I can describe it well enough and you have to see it to understand it.

For example in the 'trends' channel I last week shared 12 months of CPM data from all our agency ad accounts, looking at CPM year on year and also month vs month to show where Jan 2022 stands and what to expect.

This is an 'investor' signal that can help determine things like 'why are my CPMs high' or 'when's the best time to launch my new brand/business (clue: not during Q4!)

Why didn't you use Slack/Discord/Telegram or any other extremely distracting forum with lots of noise and alerts that will bug me all day?

The answer's in the question :-)

I've been part of many Slack, Discord and Telegram groups, paid and non-paid.

Unfortunately as well intentioned as they are, they're all messenger/chat forms but with many channels to grab your attention.

It takes a lot to keep on top of them and if you miss a day it's a nightmare to catch up.

We've limited the forum to just a few channels

What's different to your public Facebook group vs AdSignals?

AdSignals is about less noise, more. signals for you as an advertiser to use right now, or in the near future.

I post ALL the signals, so you're basically following me and my expertise not that random dude posting in as many FB groups as he can on this new CBO, 4-ad set, 2 ads, manual-bid plus DCO strategy he used over the weekend to turn $67 into $123 as the 'next big thing'. My recommendations are ALWAYS well thought out so I've added a signal, you should seriously take note. 

Plus, I read a TONNE every week so if I see something in a forum, group, YouTube vid, newsletter, blog, book or any other medium I'm reading that week it'll go into AdSignals so we all learn together.

Am I tied into a contract?

No. You can either join on a monthly basis (and leave when you want) or pay ahead for 12 months for the price of 10.

In both instances there are a few things to note:

1. The Founder rate is only applicable whilst you're subscribe. If you cancel, you lose your Founder rate.

2. Whichever subscription you choose from monthly or yearly, you have the 14-day cool-off period where you can cancel for any reason. If you cancel, you'll lose the Founder rate and can rejoin at the normal rate when you like.

Can I invite my friends/team?

Of course! They'll need to pay for their own 'seat' in the program.

Our platform uses your IP address and country to ensure you're the person that subscribed. Any abuse of the system will mean you/your friend(s) will be banned from the platform.

If you're in any kind of business you'll understand we too have a team and overheads to pay for and the subscription fee helps to keep the engine running. 

We may in future look at volume-based discounting for team's larger than 10 but for now we're keeping it simple

How does the 14-day refund period work?

Simple. Within 14-days of joining this discounted  Founder's rate, email and tell us you want to cancel.

We'll ask why - but you're 100% guaranteed a refund in this period.

That's the level of confidence we have in the program.

Or you can stay 30 days and leave, having invested $49 in seeing if its a good fit. 

And of course my true fans will subscribe for 12 months for the price of 10 because they know I always deliver high value and I know they're my kind of people 😉

Can I ask Depesh questions?

I will host an "AMA" once per month - where you can post questions in a thread and I'll answer as many as I can.

Whilst I do plan to be active in the AdSignals community unfortunately I can't answer every question posted there due to my commitments in researching, compiling and delivering your AdSignals each week.

This is ultimately what you're joining for - the community is a value-added bonus for you and your peers to network, learn, ask and develop together without the noise of Slack or Facebook groups.

I'm part of other masterminds why should I join this one?

1. Because I personally deliver the Signals. 

Unlike other masterminds where the founder slowly disappears in the background I plan to continue serving your AdSignals.

2. Because you want to stay ahead in the world of advertising and want to clear your head from the noise and distractions.

I would encourage you to consider unsubscribing from anything you've not read in at least 2 weeks (newsletters, blogs, YouTube channels etc) and see how much the lack of noise and joining AdSignals improves your day to day productivity and impact in your campaigns.

Will you only cover Facebook ads?

As I've mentioned, I personally am delivering the signals (potentially in future with help from others).

For now, 80% of my advertising activity (agency, own brands) is on Facebook. 

20% covers Google Ads, YouTube Ads, TikTok Ads.

Therefore this is not (yet) intended to cover all bases but if my personal knowledge and experience is something you believe can be valuable to you then you should join and see what it's really about. p.s. you'll get FREE access to my TikTok Ads Masterclass notes taken directly from TikTok too soon only inside AdSignals!

I'm already subscribed/part of your other program(s). Can I get AdSignals for free?

AdSignals is a new business venture and not entirely part of our existing 'training set'.

Because of this, we're keeping AdSignals separate from our other products and services.

If you're part of other programs, note that agency services and ELITE/EFT coaching are higher-tier and higher-touch, more personal programs than AdSignals so you're already gaining far more than what's in AdSignals.

However if you want a fresh look at learning in small bite-sized chunks, consider joining AdSignals too to complement your existing program.

Can I get the Founder pricing again?

No, In fact, the original plan was to limit the early access to the AdSignals platform to 100 people.

However because a) more than 250 people opted in for the launch and b) we have people across ALL timezones across the world instead we decided to make this a 24-hour thing.

The Founder offer is designed to ensure we can get as many people in early so we can ensure AdSignals is set up the right way for you all, before we launch this publicly. The public launch will be a $1 trial then $97/m after or $970/year. 

Even at $97 it's far greater value than cost so either way, it's going to be a steal.

Can I pay via PayPal/Venmo/TransferWise or something other than card?

Unfortunately not yet. We've only configured Stripe card payments to link automatically into our AdSignals platform.

If you cannot pay via card today unfortunately we cannot offer you the Founder pricing right now.

Is there an affiliate program?

It's coming!

We plan to incentivise our community in referring others because we believe referrals will help us build a far better community than chasing cold traffic.

So we'll have a cool affiliate program up and running for you as soon as we can and will announce this to members in the AdSignals platform and via email.

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